Getting ready for blogging!

14 December 2019

Well, it seems like I am finally over the “Minimum Viable Product” state of this project and I have successfully launched my first technical blog! I am very excited, since I have already failed a couple times to create a website completely under the control of my own imagination - including the design, the structure, and the fact that I am aware of most of the building blocks that may need altering one day.

This is one of the reasons I did not want to use WordPress, Joomla or mostly similar frameworks. I think, these are truly great content management software, but in my case, these solutions may hide too much of the details. I love abstractions, because they allow me to concentrate on the relevant parts of the work, however, it was intimidating for me to couple the theme of my first handcrafted design to a web framework I barely know and may turn out not suiting me.

“Boss, given your leadership, how would you phrase the key of the success of the company?”

“I always say two words: good decisions.”

“And how does one know which are the good decisions?”

“One knows that from experience.”

“And how does one gain experience?”

“I always say two words: bad decisions.”

Building websites with the wrong tools

I have already made some attempts to create a basic blogging website while realizing I did not have the slightest idea on what am I doing. Still, one must start developing a craft somehow.

At Óbuda University we had an assignment requiring us to handle in a company website of truly minimal value and we were allowed to use any tools of our choice. Now comes how I create unnecessary work for myself. :)

I was interested in this technology, therefore I have built my site upon React. I had to realize this is not what React is for. It is, to my best knowledge, mostly for web application development, not for creating “regular” websites. I have also made the same discovery with Vue.js.

I did not really continue developing the artifact I have handled in for the assignment, but, at least, from the point of view of the abstractions and ease of use, now I know that I would prefer Vue.js over React, for web application development. So, at least I have gained that experience.

Building websites with the pragmatic tools

It came to my mind that in order to create a modern website from scratch, probably I do not need a complete JavaScript framework. I only need something that generates and renders the website from some templates - sparing the complete copying of each html file, basically -, and I was trying to use React and Vue.js for that purpose. Later I have discovered that simple html & css could be enough for me.

This is the point where I have started looking for a static site generator - and that was not an easy track either…

To be continued!